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From: Keith A. Clay (
Date: Thu Nov 30 1995 - 04:25:55 EST

>I am trying to decide whether to release the answer sheets to the workbook
>for Basics of Biblical Greek through my web page. How do you feel about
>students being able to get the answers to both parsing and exercises. The
>answers to the exercises are no big deal since students can read the verse
>in the Bible. And the answers to the parsings are actually in ParseWorks.
>Are any of you still using the quizzes I included with the Teacher's
>Packet? I may want to release those as well so the students can practice.
>Bill Mounce

I don't see it as a problem. It is true that some students may access this
information instead of actually doing the work, but their day of reckoning
is sure to come. Also, since most of those (I know not all - some do it to
get a better degree, a BA instead of a BS) who are taking greek are doing so
to learn it then hopefully they would not wish to cheat in this way. For
those who are doing it on their own, or wish to see the correct
parsing/translation, it could be a great tool. As one who works full-time
and goes to school and has actually used your Grammar, there were times that
I could have used that information to answer some questions I had. When you
live 30 miles from school and it is a long distance call, you don't usually
have the access to the professor that traditional students have. I hope
this weights in favor of releasing this informatio.

keith a. clay

greek student-novice grade

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