Ken's quest for Vocabulary tables <10x

From: Edward Hobbs (
Date: Thu Nov 30 1995 - 12:46:26 EST

If I understand what Ken is asking for (I assume he means he wants lists
of words occurring 9x, 8x, 7x, etc. in the NT), there is only one inexpensive
and reasonably accurate book:
        Warren C. Trenchard, _The Student's Complete Vocabulary Guide to
        the Greek New Testament", Zondervan 1992.
It even lists all the hapax legomena!
        But if you don't want lists of that sort, there are (better, I think)
ways to learn such words: In context. I.e., chapters of the NT are
listed in order, with words occurring less than 10x given, with a quickie
translation. Recent, and with frequency tables of various sorts included, is:
        _Reading New Testament Greek_, by Scott, Dean, Sparks, and LaZar.
        Hendrickson, 1993.
There are a few errata, though not frequent. Unhappily, the VERY FIRST Greek
word given is eimi, with an incorrect accent! Cheap, too -- $14.95.

Sakae Kubo's _A Reader's Greek-English Lexicon of the New Testament_ is the
old standby of this type, done a little more elaborately; it is now from
Zondervan, but I don't know the price. Hardback, so probably not cheap.
My 1978 printing was $9.95 -- alas, probably triple by now.

Edward Hobbs

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