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From: Carl W. Conrad (
Date: Thu Nov 30 1995 - 20:53:47 EST

At 4:02 PM 11/30/95, Stephen Carlson wrote:
> wrote:
>> I have been reading on this list for a few months and have a list
>> oriented question:
>> Is there a standard format for the transliterations?
>There is no standard but this system is popular:
>Greek Alphabet: A B G D E Z H Q I K L M N C O P R S T U F X Y W
>rough breathing:h, iota subscript:i, digamma:w; acute:/, grave:\, circumflex:=
>I think that the introductory materials for this list should include
>a statement about the transliteration system. What do others think?

(1) The above is, in fact, the scheme I've tried to use consistently,
partly because I think that the upper-case letters for the Greek set Greek
text off clearly from the surrounding English.

(2) Bruce Terry has on several occasions posted a summary of three or four
different schemes that have been used on the list, one of which is the
"Beta code" scheme used on the TLG and PHI CD-ROMs for Greek; there is a
very neat little GIF diagram of "Beta Code" posted in the Perseus web site,
and a detailed outline of "Beta code" is posted on the TLG site at
UCalIrvine. I would suggest that these materials--Bruce's posting, the TLG
summary and the GIF from the Perseus site (if we can get permission to use
it) should be posted at both the web archive sites for the list, the one
James Tauber maintains in Perth, Australia and the one in Vancouver(?).

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