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Date: Tue Nov 28 1995 - 10:23:50 EST

You wrote:
>Would you say that by your efforts in studying
>ancient Greek and the bibical record that your
>faith in the absolute innerancy of the Word of God
>has been increased, decreased or remain the same?
>Has your faith in God increased, decreased or
>remained the same?
>Would you say that "anyone" who takes an honest
>and thorough approach to the the study the bibilical
>record and ancient greek will be forced to see
>the "divine" hand of God in action, regardless
>of their faith in God?
>Your response requested.
The interesting thing about scripture is that you can either read into
it or read from it. Like other forms of literature, poetry, allegory,
philosphy your mindset affects interpretation. This seems more the case
in scripture than in other types of work, regardless of whether you
study in your native tongue or the original language.

Moreover, there is the element of mystery. Scripture says that God is
Spirit, and the the things of God must be spiritually discerned. As
much as the scholars on this list pride themselves on being academic
and impartial, each must admit that he/she either views scriptures by
faith, as an "insider", or critically as an "outsider".

The further an "insider" studies, the more rewarding the endeavor.
Apparant inconsistencies are either resolved, or found to be of no
great importance to the overall picture. To the "outsider" these same
inconsistencies weigh heavily, as if the very existence of God and His
order within the Universe rested solely on their own ability to resolve
a particular issue.

Similarly pride and humility are factors in the understanding of
scripture. Are we indeed judges of the Word of God, or do we allow
ouselves to be judged by the Word of God? An "insider" who becomes
prideful will soon lose his/her ability to properly interpret the
spiritual nature of scripture, whereas the "outsider" who studies the
scripture in true humility, I believe, will be endowed with the grace
to understand both its literal meaning and its intent.

My .02.

Ellen Adams
Housewife and mom.
Littleton, CO

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