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From: Mark O'Brien (Mark_O'
Date: Tue Nov 28 1995 - 18:05:14 EST

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>At 7:09 AM 11/28/95, Daniel Hedrick wrote:
>>Would you say that by your efforts in studying
>>ancient Greek and the bibical record that your
>>faith in the absolute innerancy of the Word of God
>>has been increased, decreased or remain the same?
>>Has your faith in God increased, decreased or
>>remained the same?
>>Would you say that "anyone" who takes an honest
>>and thorough approach to the the study the bibilical
>>record and ancient greek will be forced to see
>>the "divine" hand of God in action, regardless
>>of their faith in God?
>In my judgment, this is an improper question to put to this list. While
>those who wish to respond offline to it can readily do so, I would hope
>that we don't let this sort of thing intrude into list discussion itself.

However, it strikes me that very few of us are able to approach the
exegesis of the text without some reference to our presuppositions
concerning the reliability or veracity of the text. I know that we
would like to let ourselves think that our exegesis fully drives our
theology, but I have a strong feeling that this is not reality! (Take, for
example, the recent discussion regarding 1Co 13.)

Mark O'Brien
Grad. student, Dallas Seminary

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