Bible study software? (fwd)

From: David Housholder (
Date: Tue Nov 28 1995 - 12:10:49 EST

Paul Dixon asked about Bible study software.

You are a good step, asking us all here about experience and preferences, but
you will certainly get a variety of answers, I am sure!

If original language support were not important I would heartily recommend
QuickVerse from Parsons. It's what I use most of the time. But when we start
looking at original language support there are several good packages to
consider, none of them (in my opinion) bad choices, all of them able to do far
more than most of us need in a typical study session.

Logos, BibleWorks, BibleWindows, and the Bible Companion Series from White
Harvest are all good choices. BibleWindows (depending on which modules you need)
is the least expensive, unless you are a Gramcord owner and can upgrade at the
very pleasant price to White Harvest's Bible Companion Series which has (or will
have -- still delayed in shipping) full use of the Gramcord database and search

Some suggestions:
1) If you are on America Online or CompuServe, go to the Christianity Online
section of AOL or the CIN Media/Publishing Forum of CompuServe and retrieve the
review of original language Bible study packages. The review was done last year
in Christian Computing Magazine by Tim Walker. ALL the programs have changed
since then, but you will get an idea of the directions in which they were
2) Get the December issues of Christian Computing Magazine (should be online
this week on AOL and being mailed out about the same time) for the review of the
new White Harvest software.
3) One of the Christian bookstores here in the Atlanta area has several Bible
study packages on a computer in the store; you can sit and work with it for a
while to see if it does what you want. Maybe there is something like that where
you are.
4) Check for return privileges. BibleWindows allows at least 30 days; BibleWorks
allows an incredible 90 days. The others may have similar offers.

One final point: Please let us know what you decide on and whether it met your

David Housholder (Marietta, Georgia)
writing at 12:01 PM on Tuesday, November 28, 1995

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