Re: 1 Tim. 2:15--"get safely through"

From: Will Wagers (
Date: Sat Nov 25 1995 - 19:00:54 EST

Carl W. Conrad writes:

>Finally, it gives an extremely
>awkward explanation of the salvation of a woman--that it depends on the
>moral stature of her children. I would rather assume that the plural
>MEINWSIN is accounted for (however awkward) by a shift from a GENERIC
>singular to a CONCRETE plural: GUNH --> plural subject of MEINWSIN.
>It's a most puzzling passage, anyway you look at it.

I am not qualified to discuss this on linguistic grounds; however, it would
seem to make sense in terms of ancient symbology to judge a woman by her
"fruits" (peri-habaten) in the same way that a tree is judged by its fruits
(e.g. Parables of the Barren Fig Tree; Sower, Tares).

In this vein, can anyone point to any evidence for there being two paths to
salvation - one for males and one for females in the NT?


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