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Date: Sat Dec 02 1995 - 23:30:04 EST

Carl, The Concordia Seminary Fuerbringer Libraryk has photographkic
facsimiles of Codex Sinaiticus, A, D, D, W, 33, the Chester Beatty Papyri
and the Bodmer Papyri. A glance at them would be interesting. [Or see the
specimen pages in Aland's *Text of the NT* or Metzger's corresponding book.
The papyri are especially interesting because no later corrector inserted

And tell Fred to check the Junias entry in BAGD 3!
>> Heaven knows, we have enough problems with male chauvinism, without
>>having to INSERT them into the text!
>Thanks, Edward. I knew we'd discussed this before (repeatedly atque ad
>nauseam!), but I don't recall our having talked about the accents before.
>I'll call Danker tonight and tell him about the scotch-drinking sessions!
>He still makes his home here.
>Carl W. Conrad
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> OR

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