Re: review Palmer 1995

From: Micheal Palmer (
Date: Fri Dec 01 1995 - 22:42:04 EST

On Mon, 27 Nov 1995, Rod Decker wrote (in response to Bruce Terry):

> >Rod, thanks for the review. Just what is the cost of Micheal's book?
> >
> I think it was about $30. Micheal could tell us, but I haven't seen any
> sign of him on b-greek in quite a while--unusual after his active
> participation last year.

The book costs $24.95 from Lang.

Yes, I have been rather inactive on the list for the past few months.
Having returned to Bluefield College after my research leave last year, I
am overwhelmed with work. I read most of what is posted to B-GREEK, but
have very little time to respond. I hope that will change soon.

By the way, I appreciate the recent interest in my book. I enjoyed Rod's
review. I was temporarily unsubscribed from the list when Vincent sent
his review, and have been unable to get a copy, though I would certainly
like to read it.

Micheal Palmer
Bluefield College

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