Re: Dative Direct Objects, Heb 1:6

From: Mike Adams (
Date: Sat Dec 02 1995 - 19:57:38 EST

You wrote:

>Thank you very much for your response. What you stated confirmed my research and
>I am grateful to receive independent confirmation from another source. As you
>said, languages tend to make their own "rules" as they are used and develop.
>Grammars tell us how languages function--they do not tell languages how to
>function. Thus one can expect all kinds of "exceptions to the rule" as one
>studies the Greek text.

There's a neat paragraph about this very thing in one of David Alan Black's
books, Linguistic Approach to N.T. Greek, I think. At this moment, unfortunately,
I can't even locate the book, much less the chapter.

>>May I mention also that Moule in his Idiom Book of N.T. Greek says this in
>>a footnote: "The Dative and Accusative also overlap mysteriously"?

>Thank you for that quotation. If it is not too troublesome, could you tell me
>on what page that footnote is found?

page 43 in my paperback.
I sincerely hoped I could find something more substantial there, but I didn't.
Still the little footnote was too provocative to let slip.


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