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Date: Tue Dec 19 1995 - 12:39:27 EST

My apologies to David Moore and the list for referring to him as Stephen
Moore; it's not much of an explanation that I had a Stephen Moore for a
student once, but it's true. And David has already answered my question in
crossed mails: he DOES assume two "cleansings" of the temple. As I said, I
don't think this is impossible, but I don't think it's the most plausible
solution to the problem. I don't know whether it was Raymond Brown's
commenary or somewhere else that I read the hypothesis that Chapter 2 of
John deliberately juxtaposed the wedding at Cana and the cleansing of the
temple not because they were chronologically in sequence immediately but as
first and last SHMEIA of Jesus. There are other interesting questions in
the chronology of John as well; it has always seemed to me that Chapter 12
sort of over-arches (symbolically) the whole of chapters 13-20, 13 setting
forth the objective (outside the community) significance of the hUPSWSIS
and DOXASQHNAI of the Son of Man as 14-17 set forth their signficance for
the community itself. But this gets into a much larger question of the way
time is represented in John's gospel, and all that probably doesn't belong
on b-greek, if even the historical question can be said to.

I'm sitting here "chatting" because I can't even get to my office; we've
got about 8 inches of snow on the ground "and rising"--Rod's probably
snowed in over in Kansas City too. It's pretty early for a big one
(relatively speaking) in St. Louis, which rarely sees over 3 inches. Last
night we were told that this would all go through our area as rain! How
little we know!

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