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Date: Fri Feb 02 1996 - 13:25:19 EST

Carl Conrad responded to Tim;
>> I would only add that some suggest that Upsilon has an occassional V sound
>> (as in Victory) or W sound (as in Wax). Examples include the name DAUID
>> (David) and EUAGGELION (gospel).
>Interesting point, Tim. I wonder when this took place. We find historians
>writing Greek in the first and later centuries of our era transliterating
>Roman names like Varus and Vergilius as OUAROS and OUERGILIOS, which should
>mean that the OU + vowel was our W sound. But when was the Latin
>EVANGELIUM, representing the Greek EUAGGELION first being pronounced with
>our V sound? Does anyone know?
Interestingly enough modern Greek pronounces the name of EUSEBIUS as
efsevius. The pronoun AUTOS is aftos.

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