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Date: Sun Feb 04 1996 - 14:37:52 EST

Hi - In introducing myself the other day to b-greek, my name and
address got cut off.

I'm Gary Shogren, I teach NT at Biblical Theological Seminary.
This is an evangelical school of about 140 FTE's in Hatfield PA,
about an hour north of Philly. I also teach at Timotheus
Bible University (about 120 students, mainly Brethren) in
Buchurest twice a year. My wife will be putting a notice on-line
regarding our publishing company Stylus - we have a liberal examination
policy, by the way. Besides publishing Chapman's revised insert,
I have had it translated into Romanian, on the off-chance that
any of you can use it - I have lecture notes, handouts, tests, etc.

Gary Shogren
Biblical Theological Seminary
200 N. Main St.
Hatfield, PA 19440
Fax 215-368-7002

"We are always getting ready to live, but never living." Emerson

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