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Date: Sun Feb 04 1996 - 21:51:03 EST

When an embryo is aborted 8 to 9 weeks into a pregnancy, the child has not
yet developed a functioning nervous system or brain so the child has no
'experiences' or 'memory'. The essence of life exists in the unique genetic

Some cells in an embryo have 'decided' to become certain organs and others
have not 'decided'. This is illustrated best by the fact that babies develop
from a single 'undecided' cell. It is scientifically plausible that if the
cells that have 'decided' to become certain organs are removed, the remaining
'undecided' cells can be nurtured and start the embryo growing again
(embryogenesis) replacing the cells that were removed.

Cryogenic Solutions, Inc. is a Houston based company that offers the service
of cryopreserving (freezing) embryo from terminated pregnancies. They are
sure the unique genetic identity of the embryo's life is preserved.

Cryogenic Solutions, Inc. believes that they and their consultant researchers
can perfect techniques to nurture the 'undecided' cells and start the embryo
growing again. They also believe they can use some of the widely accepted
techniques for In Vitro Fertilization to implant the developing embryo into
the original, surrogate, or adoptive mother.

The press has started calling Cryogenic Solutions' process 'pregnancy
suspension'. The company's total fee for cryopreservation, 10 years of
storage, record keeping, and research is $356.00 per embryo!

You should know. Cryogenic Solutions offers the service only to women who
have ABSOLUTELY decided to abort their pregnancy! The company's mission is a
last ditch effort to save the life that would otherwise be lost forever. I
think its about time somebody tried.

Cryogenic Solutions is a public company traded on the NASDAQ bulletin board
and their symbol is CYGS. The company expects to earn $2.00 per share this
year and I think the stock should be worth alot more than its current price
of $7.50 per share, I've been told $30.00 per share is not unreasonable.

If you have any questions you can e-mail me at the address on the header or
Cryogenic Solutions, Inc. at CYGS@AOL.COM. You can also call the company at

Finally, I am not involved with the company in any official capacity. I just
thought that everyone should know about their efforts to save babies and an
excellent moral investment.

Thank you for your time.


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