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From: Mike Adams (
Date: Sun Feb 04 1996 - 02:09:07 EST

You wrote:
>Hi! I've just gotten into B-GREEK, and have enjoyed the
>conversation very much - esp. Carl Conrad's thoughts on learning
>Introduction: I teach Greek and exegesis, both here and in
>Romania part-time. My wife and I run a small publishing company,
>called Stylus Publishing, that handles printed language tools.
>Among other things we handle my revision of Ben Chapman's Greek
>NT Insert, also available on Logos CD.
Welcome! We look forward to your input as well!
By the way, who are you and where is "here"?
Perhaps you have noticed that many of the scholars here include a
signature blurb with their credentials and business location.

I, on the other hand, have neither so I sign myself...

Your friend in Christ,
Ellen Adams
(Nosey housewife; Colorado)

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