From: Northland Bible College (northlan@soonet.ca)
Date: Tue Feb 06 1996 - 09:45:52 EST

Greetings folks:

I subscribed to this list a few weeks back to see if anyone on the list
was involved in anything similar to myself. It appears that perhaps some
of you are.

I'm teaching an upper level college course, Biblical Greek. We're using
Dana and Mantey's A Manual Grammar of the Greek NT. While translating
through Ephesians (4-5 verses a day) we're classifying nouns, parsing
verbal forms etc and drawing interpretive conclusions in the process.

Not being highly qualified myself, I find frequent instances where I
could use insights from others with greater proficiency in this area. Is
anybody on this list willing to let me "pester" you with questions about
classification and other grammatical niceties? Or is this what the list
is about and I can just throw it out into the arena for any takers?

Sincerely, and with great anticipation...

Stephen Clock, Greek prof
Northland Bible College
Goulais River, Ontario

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