Re: 1 John 5:7 and the NKJV

Date: Wed Feb 07 1996 - 21:17:17 EST

Although I do not want to assume too much, I have a little knowledge of the
reasoning behind the inclusion of the Comma Johanneum into the NKJV, since
the Old Testement Editor, Dr. James D. Price was one of my professors and
serves at the same instiutuion that I now serve. He explained that since the
title was New King James, it was decided to keep all the verses that the AV
(KJV) had orignally, hence many textual decisions were already "pre-made" for
the translators. Dr. Art Farstad is the New Testament editor and could
probably give you a more detailed reason, but let it suffice to say that the
NKJV was not a critical edition like the NIV. Even the NASB keeps many
readings (howbeit in brackets) that it's textual base (23rd ed. Nestles) did
not have

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