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From: Carlton Winbery (
Date: Sun Feb 04 1996 - 01:34:32 EST

Carl Conrad wrote;
>And finally, in response to Carlton Winbery, I would just note, in terms of
>the "normative" grammar (if there is any such thing--and at least there's
>observed common practice), it is not just a matter of an ablatival genitive
>(whereby I declare my allegiance to the 8-case faction!) PRECEDING the
>verb, but rather of the preposition phrase EK PISTEWS being ENCLOSED in the
>article that would be required for the passage to mean "He who by faith is
>righteous shall live." I.e., it should be either hO EK PISTEWS DIKAIOS or

This is the point that I was making, not that word was significant. There
seems to be no normal position with regard to the use of the ablative with
prepositions modifying the verbal idea. The normative position is whether
the article is used to relate the prepositional phrase to a substantive.

>My regards to all. I sit here at my computer on a bone-chilling Sunday
>morning with the thermometer outside at -8 degrees (I know that most of the
>U.S., more or less, is caught up in this deep freeze, although I would hope
>that Carlton, down in the Cajun country, and David, down in tropical
>Florida, might be somewhat more fortunate, while I know that Edgar in
>Chicago has it very much worse than I do) and wait for a plumber to come
>for some urgent repairs (Ellen Adams will sympathize, I'm sure, if my
>memory fails me not!). And if there's someone in Australia reading this,
>I'd like to trade places with you right now!
It was 10 degrees here in Pineville, La. this AM. We missed two days of
school this week because we have no idea how to cope with below freezing
weather that lasts longer than 24 hours. 10,000 homes are still without
electricity in our area and plumbers are at a premium. Those who need one
call three or four and quickly cancel the other calls when one shows up.

Carlton L. Winbery
Prof. Religion
LA College, Pineville, La

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