Re: those pesky magazine ads

From: Leo Percer (
Date: Fri Feb 09 1996 - 16:51:06 EST

Recently someone suggested flooding the sender's e-mail box with mail in an
effort to stop the flood of useless drivel from magazine peddlers. This
procedure doesn't work, however, because I have tried it. Every address
included on these ads appears to be bogus and will not receive e-mail. My
suggestion is as follows: we all should print out the stuff, and then mail
it to the postal address always included in the information. I have done
this for many of the postings and haven't heard back from the vendor who
supposedly offers the mags, but I hope that their mail box is full of bogus
orders from folks like me! (By the way, I have also tried calling the
Better Business Bureau--as I threatened the offending company I would--but
it seems to have had little effect. Maybe we should all call?)


Leo Percer
Waco, TX

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