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Date: Sat Feb 10 1996 - 10:16:14 EST

To: members of B-GREEK. I'm a member of this group, and was
encouraged by the B-GREEK powers-that-be to promote our family
business. Stylus is all about Greek and Hebrew language tools,
and we have a liberal examination policy (see below).

                       STYLUS PUBLICATIONS

Chapman & Shogren, NT GREEK INSERT ($3.50) - Over three decades,
readers have appreciated "Chapman" for its concise, readable
presentation. Now a new and revised edition is available. The
GREEK NT INSERT supplies an overview of the syntax of adjectives,
noun cases, verbs, verbals, clauses, and more. It is designed to
be glued into the UBS Greek Testament. The revision is based on
a semantical understanding of language; it is able to be cross-
referenced to terms used in other grammars; it contains hundreds
of verses given as examples, and page after page of principal
parts. It has been used successfully not only in second-year
Greek, but also alongside Mounce in first-year studies. The
GREEK NT INSERT is now available on Logos Bible Software 2.0.

A CARD-GUIDE TO NEW TESTAMENT GREEK ($2.95) - Newly revised.
A laminated card, designed to pop into a three-ring binder.
Side One features syntactical information and paradigms of nouns,
prepositions, and much more. Side Two is a full-page verb chart.

A reprint of John J. Davis' laminated card, originally published
by Baker.

!! EXAMINATION POLICY: We will give out review copies of our
products to all teachers of language or exegesis, postage-paid.
No obligation whatever - except to tell your friends!

Stylus Publishing
P. O. Box 532
Quakertown, PA 18951

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