Re: Wis of Solomon 7

From: Will Wagers (
Date: Thu Feb 01 1996 - 14:33:49 EST

Edgar M. Krentz writes:

>(4) Was this writer "under the influence of some foreign substance"? You
>bet! The substance was the heady stuff of Greek, especially Stoic,
>philosophy. In 7:23 and 24, DIA PANTWN XWROUN PNEUMATWN, and DIHKEI DE KAI
>XWREI DIA PANTWN DIA THN KAQAROTHTA, he is borrowing the language the Stoa
>uses of the LOGOS that moves through everything in the universe. Wisdom
>holds that it is not the Stoic LOGOS that is the revealer of God (the
>language of 7:25), but the SOFIA TOY QEOU.

How is that extra-biblical references to the Logos are readily
acknowledged as coming from this or that Greek philosophical
school, but the antecedent of Logos of John 1:1 is usually ignored
or specifically disavowed?



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