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Date: Wed Feb 07 1996 - 21:58:27 EST

On Wed, 7 Feb 1996, A. Brent Hudson wrote:

> It is difficult to know
> why Judaism rejected the text, but many believe the basic reason is
> related to its being a Greek work.

It might be more accurate to say that "Judaism" (a slippery term) didn't
"reject" the text -- after all, these texts were written by Jews, for
Jews. The WS wasn't finally considered to be on a par with the Torah, the
Writings, and the Prophets.

> As to the reason why the Protestant church rejected WS, I cannot say.
> However, it would be helpful to know if the apocryphal books were rejected
> as a group or individually.

The early Reformers rejected any books found in the Vulgate that did not
also appear in the Hebrew Canon -- i.e. all the
Apocryphal/Deuterocanonical books.
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