Re: Summary: Something from Nothing (longish)

From: Carl W. Conrad (
Date: Wed Feb 21 1996 - 09:01:22 EST

On 2/21/96, James H. Vellenga wrote:

> I find this discussion of thinginess and unthinginess relative to
> creation fascinating. But if the concept of "no-thing-ness" was
> the order of the day, can it be generalized in translation?
> For example, in 1 Cor. 13.2-3, when Paul says "I am nothing" and
> "I gain nothing," is he really saying "I am unsubstantial" and
> "I gain no tangible benefits"? Or is OUDEN/OUQEN a different kind
> of fish?

There's "nothing" (nor "any thing," for that matter, either) in this
suggestion. OUQEN is simply a common Boeotian dialect equivalent of OUDEN
that became more common in the Hellenistic era.

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