Re: Jn 4:54

From: Carl W. Conrad (
Date: Thu Feb 22 1996 - 21:27:01 EST

On 2/22/96, Mark O'Brien wrote:

> A brief question about this verse: Should TOUTO be considered as the subject
> ("This was the second sign...", ala NIV, RSV, etc.), or is it in fact the
> in an object complement construction, with hO IHSOUS as the subject
>("Jesus did
> THIS as a second sign...")?
> The lack of a relative pronoun would seem to argue against the former option,
> since it seems unlikely that this would be ellided, and then one is stuck with
> trying to work out what to do with hO IHSOUS.
> I would appreciate any comments you all might have. Thanks!

TOUTO DEUTERON SHMEION is the object of EPOIHSEN. Nevertheless, I would
approve of translating "This was the second miracle that Jesus performed,"
for the reason that it is the sense emphasized by the word order. The
rhetoric of the verse, I think, often dictates what the most appropriate
English should be--rather than the grammatical structure of the Greek

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