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From: David Moore (
Date: Thu Feb 22 1996 - 22:14:47 EST

On Thu, 22 Feb 1996, Mark O'Brien wrote:

> A brief question about this verse: Should TOUTO be considered as the subject
> ("This was the second sign...", ala NIV, RSV, etc.), or is it in fact the object
> in an object complement construction, with hO IHSOUS as the subject ("Jesus did
> THIS as a second sign...")?
> The lack of a relative pronoun would seem to argue against the former option,
> since it seems unlikely that this would be ellided, and then one is stuck with
> trying to work out what to do with hO IHSOUS.
> I would appreciate any comments you all might have. Thanks!

        The nominative article with the proper noun IHSOUS indicates here
that it is the subject. IHSOUS is apparently the subject of the verb
EPOIHSEN, since hO IHSOUS is more closely associated with it than with the
following participle ELQWN. The NIV, RSV, etc. have probably worded their
translation as they did for stylistic reasons, since any difference in
meaning between the two ways of translating it is slight.

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