Research Methods in the Fathers

From: Gary S. Shogren (
Date: Fri Feb 23 1996 - 21:44:15 EST

I'm thinking through a research paper, and could use some expertise. This
is close enough to a Greek question, I hope.

I want to research the ways in which 1 Cor. 13:8-10 was interpreted in the
first five centuries of the church. I've found a couple of places where
expositions of that passage took place w/o a direct quotation, but only an
allusion - turning an easy search into a tricky one. Beyond checking the
secondary lit, I thought of a dual approach:

1. TLG searches, using 3-4 constellations of key words
2. E-texts of the Early Christian Fathers on the 'net, same procedure, to
catch the Latin fathers; then go back to original language texts

Am I missing some obvious search method? Any thoughts on what is relevant
secondary lit? You can email me personally.

Gary Shogren

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