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From: Edgar M. Krentz (
Date: Sat Feb 24 1996 - 12:06:09 EST

>Can anyone tell me what the abbreviation "La" means in the Rahlfs
>apparatus at Ps 4:8; 30:16? Please send (or copy) your reply to my
>own e-mail address.
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La means Latin version, i.e. the Vulgate of Jerome (Rahlfs does not seem to
cite the Old Latin text). This information is given on the separate card,
titled _Explanatio Signorum_, that comes with the book, but is not, so far
as I can see, explained in the "Explanation of Symbols" on pp. LXXVI-LXXVII
of the
English preface. Rahlfs also does not indicate which edition of the Vulgate
he is citing.


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