From: Dale M. Wheeler (dalemw@teleport.com)
Date: Sun Feb 25 1996 - 18:12:45 EST

Greetings fellow "voice"-ologists. Here's another interesting problem.
APOLLUMI is listed in BAGD as only occuring in the Active and Middle, never
the passive (BTW, if someone can figure out the cryptogram we refer to as
Blass-Debrunner-Funk on this specific voice issue[I understand the rest],
I'd appreciate it; ##92, 101). This apparently extends to the uses in the
Pres, Impf, and Perf, where the forms are anomalous. Some of the tools
declare, however, that certain forms are clearly passive, to wit: Matt 9:17
(Perf); Mark 2:22 (Perf); 1Cor 8:11 (Perf); 1Cor 10:9 (Impf).

My question is whether these should be classified as Middle or Passive ??
Now before you say they should definitely be passive, because, for example,
1Cor 10:9 has hUPO with the genitive associated with it, check out these
other clearly middle passages: 1Cor 10:10; Matt 26:52. Well, what do
you'all think ?

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