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Date: Mon Feb 26 1996 - 10:53:54 EST

Thanks so much for the thoughtful response...and ooooppppppssss about the
Presents (I just looked at a parsing list and not at the passages and
misread the code [or maybe that tool has an error there...I'll have to check
that one]; mia culpa...).

I had already decided to do exactly as you suggest, i.e, APOLLUMI as
middles; hIMATIZW as alternatives so that a user can find them whether
looking for middles or passives; though I prefer the middle here, since I
think the guy put his own clothes back on, i.e., I'm not so sure that the
point is that he was found in a clothed state [passive is better then], but
that him clothing himself again is an indication that he has regained his
senses...but this is clearly NOT a morphological decision.

Its so nice when I can find confirmation for my prejudices, er, I mean
guesses, er, I mean "scholarly opinions" by posting these little irritants
on the Net... (-: Seriously though, since I'm presently doing the official
revision not only to the GRAMCORD NT Morph database, but concurrently to the
Westminster OT Hebrew Morph database AND the Penn OT LXX Morph database, I
appreciate the extra pair of expert eyes on the task...I sometimes forget
what language I'm in and what parsing scheme were using...

Thanks again...I suspect some more of these little problems will pop up
before long and you'll see my supplicative post regarding them.

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