Re: Exegete 1 Tim 5:9

From: Carl W. Conrad (
Date: Fri Mar 08 1996 - 10:22:04 EST

On 3/8/96, Denny A Diehl wrote:

> Denny Diehl here,
> with a request for someone to exegete 1 Tim 5:9, with an emphasis
> on GEGONUIA, if it applies to just the first part of the verse, or is also
> connected with ENOS ANDROS GUNE.

It applies only to the first part of the verse; it's like our " ... old" in
"fifty years old," literally "born no less than sixty years (ago)" = "at
least sixty years old." hENOS ANDROS GUNH goes on to add a second
categorization, after which several others follow.

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