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From: Carlton L. Winbery (
Date: Fri Mar 08 1996 - 04:36:10 EST

Dale Wheeler wrote;
>Greetings parse-ologists. Here's an interesting conflict in the tools ! In
>Luke 16:2 the phrase TI TOUTO is parsed by some as accusative (evidently
>Direct Object of AKOUW, either together as a compound interrogative or TOUTO
>is the D.O. and TI is predicate to TOUTO with the copula elided). Others
>parse them as nominative (evidently an equative clause with the copula
>elided, and the relative pronoun which refers back to TOUTO and functions as
>the D.O. of AKOUW also elided).
>For those of you who are into crytology, BDF #299(1) refers to this
>construction and says that TI is being used predicatively with TAUTA/TOUTO,
>then give examples which could go either way with no real explanation: Acts
>14:15 vs Matt 26:62.

There seems to me to be only two possibilities. TI TOUTO is "What is
this?" You would expect it to be followed by hOTI or a relative pronoun.
It would then be ellyptical for "What is this (that) I hear about you." TI
could also be translated "why?" "Why am I hearing this about you?" TOUTO
is then object of the verb and TI is an interrogative particle.

Carlton L. Winbery
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