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Date: Thu Mar 07 1996 - 04:08:37 EST

Perry Stepp wrote;
>Has anyone on the list used Funk's *Beginning/Intermediate Grammar of
>Hellenistic Greek*? For a Ph.D. seminar, I recently compared several grammars.
> I concluded that, among the grammars I reviewed, Machen's was the best of
>"traditional" grammars, whatever that means. But I was really at a loss when
>perusing Funk's grammar. Many of the things Funk does make a great deal of
>sense to me. So I'm wondering:
>If you have taught students using Funk's grammar: how was it? how many
>semesters have you used it? were students able to learn to read Greek using the
>material *as* *Funk* *presents* *it*, or did you have to juggle the order,
>supplement in any way, etc.? and how did the students do in more advanced Greek
>If you were taught using Funk's grammar, besides the above: did you have much
>trouble using more traditional materials (Robertson's big grammar, Moule's
>*Idiom Book*, etc.)? do you feel that you have a greater facility with NT Greek
>than you would have if taught with traditional methods? would you use Funk's
>grammar to teach your own students?
Perry, when I was at NO Baptist Seminary, one of my colleagues used vol I
of Funk for beginner students. He used the work book that goes with it. I
did not teach beginner students at the time but I would take students from
other classes for the 2nd semester for a quick review of grammar and the
latter half syntax. We had students in the 2nd semester who had at least a
year of Greek in college and put them together with students who had a
semester at Seminary. That's where James Brooks and I developed the
outline for our Morphology. As I recall the students who had started with
Funk did very well. I cannot how many were lost in that first semester,
but the students who made it to me performed very well in the review and in

Carlton L. Winbery
Prof. Religion
LA College, Pineville, La

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