Re: dynamic words

From: Cal Redmond (
Date: Fri Mar 08 1996 - 12:15:00 EST

Brent Arias wrote,

>I was wondering if I could solicit submittals of everyone's favorite
>Greek words which meet the criteria of having a notoriously context
>sensitive definition.

One of my favorite "dynamic" words is DOKEW. In Gal. 2:6, we have the
participle phrase APO DE TWN DOKOUNTWN EINAI TI. Does this phrase refer
to those who were highly esteemed (as in most commentators I've read), or
does it mean those who have the reputation but not the substance, as in
Plato's _Apology of Socrates_, in 21B and C (in Loeb's numbering), where
Socrates says HLTHON EPI TINA TWN DOKOUNTWN SOFWN EINAI, and then goes on
to say that the man had the reputation of being wise but was not.

What then does that do for us in Gal. 2? Is Paul here granting honor to
those in Jerusalem, or is he indicating that they have an undeserved
reputation for importance, as I think might be more likely?

Cal Redmond
The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary

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