From: Carlton L. Winbery (winberyc@popalex1.linknet.net)
Date: Thu Mar 14 1996 - 11:00:55 EST

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>Date: Thu, 14 Mar 1996 14:44:35 -0400
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>From: mcelroy@cy.com (Mark McElroy)
>Subject: Writing
>Greetings from Macon. Hope all is well at LC. I've got some writing for
>adult Formations that I thought you might be interested in. Assignments
>for Adult Formations tend to be small and quick (4 sessions in about 10
>weeks). Give me a buzz if you have any interest in this current batch. I
>can be phoned at 912-752-2117.
>Mark McElroy
>VP, Editorial
>Smyth & Helwys Publishing

Carlton L. Winbery
Prof. Religion
LA College, Pineville, La

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