Re: "Don't curse": but Paul does! :(

Date: Mon Mar 18 1996 - 14:25:22 EST

"I've always sort of felt that Paul was always a FANATIC (not that he could not
reason clearly but rather that his passions could readily carry him into
intemperate language about his opponents)--and that what changed in his
Damascus Road experience must have been the cause which he was fanatically
defending and promoting."

        You remind me here of G. B. Shaw, in his Preface to _Androcles and
the Lion_, which I usually read to students beginning a study of Paul with
me. I always thought it meant reading Paul as the fundamentalists do, but
DISapproving of the findings instad of approving them. I've always been
clear that I wouldn't have liked Paul very much; but then I wouldn't have
liked Jesus very much. And for the same reason. (And it's ME that is the
problem; I lack Purity of Heart, I don't will one thing much of the time.
And I enjoy the good things of life more than I should if I truly loved my
neighbor as myself.)

Anyway, I enjoyed yur post! (And I'm sure Helmut said that Paul wasn't
converted, but called. I've said it many times, as have my teachers, and
as most good scholars of Paul for a long time. I'll bet I said it before
Helmut, since I'm older and was teaching Paul earlier; but I was probably
758th in line to say it.)


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