Re: "Don't curse": but Paul does! :(

Date: Mon Mar 18 1996 - 23:54:56 EST

Carl, thanks for the good stuff on Paul. I've always know him to be a moving
target which makes him very difficult to hit with any label or category. By
the way, it was Krister Stendahl, not Helmut Koester, who argued that Paul's
encounter with Christ was a call rather than a conversion (from Judaism)
maintaining that the apostle remained a Jew but one called by Jesus to preach
to the Gentiles (oi vey!) See K. Stendahl, "Call Rather Than Conversion" in
his PAUL AMONG JEWS AND GENTILES (Philadelphia: Fortress Press, 1976) 7-23.

Wish me luck, Carl. I've just been offered a new position with my former
employer, Augsburg Fortress, as a trade sales rep for the upper midwest
region. St. Louis is in my territory so I may drop by to see and Fred Danker

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