Subst Adj as Adv

From: Dale M. Wheeler (
Date: Mon Mar 11 1996 - 13:37:11 EST

I keep coming across this disagreement between the tools...

We are all used to the neut sing of an adj being used as an adverb, indeed
some of them have become so frozen and fixed in usage that it seems clear
that Koine speakers thought of them as separate adverbial lemmas/words. The
disagreement in the tools has to do with such adjectives turned adverb, when
the are articular. Some tools (eg., BAGD) have no problem designating as
adverbs certain occurrences of articular neut sing forms of adjectives (eg.,
TO DEUTERON in 2Cor 13:2; TO LOIPON in Phil 3:1 cmp., 2Cor 13:11; TO PRWTON
John 10:40; 19:39; etc., etc.). Other tools studiously avoid designating as
adverbial even the most obvious examples, simply because they are articular;
they refer to them simply as adjectives.

I'm inclined to agree with BAGD; what do you all think ?????

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