Re Selling Greek

Date: Sat Mar 16 1996 - 15:51:52 EST

I agree with Barbara O'Cleirigh, and would even argue further that NT students
should learn Greek from the top down, i.e. learn Classical (Attic) Greek.
(Barbara perhaps implied that as well.) I started with koine Greek (Machen, who
ironically said it was best to learn Classical) and later went on to Classi-
cal. I can say now that my Classical grammars are often more correct and use-
ful about the NT than my NT grammars, because koine is essentially a simpli-
fied version of Attic. A quick illustration: Luke 1:29 is almost always mis-
translated ("might be" for "was") because most koine grammars bypass a dis-
cussion of the optative.
Don Wilkins, UCR

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