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Date: Sun Mar 17 1996 - 19:09:56 EST

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>I find myself needing to promote my classes among students at a Small
>Liberal Arts Christian College. One of the ways I plan to do this is by
>putting together a list of the ten reasons why a student should learn
>Ancient Greek.
>The main focus of my courses is on preparing students to work with the
>New Testament. Do any of you have any suggestions for my list? I am
>with David Blacks short book, "Using New Testament Greek In Ministry" and I
>plan on borrowing some of his reasons. Can anyone suggest any others?

A.T. Robertson's little book _The Minister and His Greek New Testament_
provides some strong encouragement for ministers (and, I think, others) to
learn NT Greek. When I was a young Bible college student I found chapter nine
(which details how John Brown of Haddington learned Greek without any
instruction) to be particularly stirring.

Kevin L. Anderson
Ph.D. student (NT)
Graduate Theological Union

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