Re: Grading NT Greek by difficulty

From: Nichael Lynn Cramer (
Date: Fri Mar 22 1996 - 07:17:26 EST

At 1:57 PM 21/03/96, A.T. Kraabel wrote:
>Assuming John's gospel and letters to be the NT's simplest Greek, what
>would be at the other end of the spectrum? And how would the other books
>lay out from one extreme to the other?
>Such "grading" would be useful to anyone teaching NT Greek, and I suppose
>we all have our own hunches, but I have never seen anything in print on the
>matter, not the list itself, not to mention a rationale for such a list.
>Any ideas?

William Mounce is publishing a "Graded Rreader" of NT Greek as a companion
to his wonderful _Basics of Biblical Greek_ and _Morphology of Biblical

(It should be available "real soon" if it's not already out. Some sources
--e.g. CBD-- have been offering the book since at least January; at least
that's when they accepted my order ;-)

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