RE: Grading NT Greek by difficulty

From: A. Brent Hudson (
Date: Fri Mar 22 1996 - 09:52:55 EST

The extremes are easily seen (Johannine / Hebrews); it is the ordering of the everything else that becomes tenuous. It has been my experience that most NT books are uneven in their difficulty level. I agree with Carl Conrad's remarks about Hebrews, but I would extend the inverse to "easier" books as well. That is, there are difficult sections in otherwise easy books.

On a similar topic, Edgar Krentz's post yesterday encourages advanced students to read widely in Greek. I have read through NT and most of the Apostolic Fathers. Currently, I am working through Philo's De Sacr. but find it quite difficult at points. If the Greek student is to expand one's horizons, so to speak, where do we begin? My thesis will have some connection to Philo so I have started there. I would appreciate anyone with experience in the Greek text of Philo offering me some advice as to which treatise to read once I complete De Sacr.

I am considering taking some classes in Attic Greek. I have about ten years of Koine, but find reading some of Plato's texts (Timaeus) quite disconcerting. Should I start in a first year Attic course or would it be better to read an Introductory Attic Grammar and begin formally in a reading course? Any advice would be appreciated.

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