Re: Grading NT Greek by difficulty

From: David Housholder (
Date: Fri Mar 22 1996 - 10:41:12 EST

Nichael Lynn Cramer told us
>>William Mounce is publishing a "Graded Rreader" of NT Greek as a companion
to his wonderful _Basics of Biblical Greek_ and _Morphology of Biblical

That will be a helpful volume considering the excellence of the other
materials Bill Mounce has produced. Meanwhile check out Wesley J.
Perschbacher's _Refresh Your Greek: Practical Helps for Reading the New
Testament_ (Chicago: Moody, 1989). See especially page XLII "Suggested
Reading Order of New Testament Books." He arranges the books "from the
easiest to the most difficult, based on frequency of vocabulary words used
in each book." Perschbacher's list begins with 1 John and ends with Titus.

--David Housholder
  Marietta, Georgia

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