Revelation 21:9: the use of "one" (_eij_)

From: Georg S. Adamsen (
Date: Wed Mar 27 1996 - 09:21:51 EST

I am writing on a chapter in my dissertation about Revelation. During
my analysis of Revelation 21:9 I wonder whether _eis_ (_eij_), the
cardinal 'one', could possibly mean anything but 'one' (of the seven
angels ...). Exactly the same phrase occurs in 17:1. John also uses
the phrase _alloj aggeloj_ in chapters 8 and 14. I therefore wonder
whether _eij_ here might mean anything than another of the seven
angels compared to the one in 17:1? Is it possible at all to suggest
that it is the same angel? In 22:8 John refers to 'the angel who
showed me these things' which could refer to the previous section
(21:9ff) or the previsious sections (17:1ff).

Any suggestions appreciated, and, if used in my dissertation, will be
duly referenced. Thank you.

Georg S. Adamsen, Denmark

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