Re: Jn. 5.13: Jesus, a swimmer?

Date: Sat Mar 30 1996 - 00:44:07 EST

Dear Professor C.

    My 1878 abridged Liddell & Scott gives two adjacent verbs, EKNEYW and
EKNEW, and gives identical aorists, EKSENEUSA.; the first verb is defined as
"turn aside, turn away", and the second is "swim out or away".
    I am not sure I understand your point of correction. Is the second entry
an error? Is NEW, "swim", aor. ENEYSA, also an error? Of course, the
aorist for NEYW, "nod" is also ENEYSA. Since Jn. 5.13 uses the aorist
EKS-ENEYSE, will not either aorist be possible for the meaning?
     Thanks for your patience.

richard arthur Merrimack NH


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