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Date: Fri Mar 29 1996 - 14:29:49 EST


I have been intrigued by the discussion of apposition and predicates, and
would like to elicit your input via English examples. I use the pers
pron since it is one of the few examples in English where we have
nom/acc/gen endings, esp. in the masculine (he/him/his).

How would you translate into Greek the following:

I see him, a good man.

Would "a good man" be in the acc (of apposition)? Or would it be in the
nominative implying something like:

I see him[. He is] a good man.

Like some others, off the top of my head I can only recall appositional
nouns in the nom. Would the (koine) Greek speaker, for whatever reason,
only use apposition in the nominative, or is my exposure simply too
limited, and acc apposition does occur? After all, English is like
that. We often hear non-native English speakers put words together in a
way that we would never do, and while it is not wrong, it just isn't
right to our ears!

Bernard Taylor
LLU University Church

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