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Date: Sun Mar 31 1996 - 17:52:02 EST

On Sat, 30 Mar 1996, Tom Launder wrote:

> Hello Greek scholars and friends,
> I am doing a project on Romans 9:6-13 and I have come across the phrase:
> logizetai eis sperma (Rom 9:8)
> I am trying to figure out how to understand the "eis sperma." I know the
> translation of this phrase goes something like "reckon as seed," yet I am
> trying to figure out how to classify it.
> I have looked at some of the best commentaries (Dunn, Cranfield, Kasemann,
> Murray, and Morris), yet only Morris offers a hint.
> In Morris page 354 footnote 47, he says: "Howard considers *logizomai eis
> sperma* a Semitism (M, II, p. 463).
> If this is true what do you think he means? I would look it up, but I do
> not have access to the resource described.
> Thanks for your help. If you have any other insights into these verses in
> Romans 9:6-13, I would sure like to hear about them. :)

        Howard apparently classifies this as translation Greek for the
Hebrew preposition _Le_ as Don Wilkens has also pointed out. Howard also
cites Blass-DeBrunner #157 and _Oxf[ord] Heb[rew] Lex[icon]_, p. 512 as
supporting the idea of Semitic influence in this expression. But he cites
Moulton (_Prolegomena_ p. 71 f.) as discounting Hebraism, "for the [Greek]
vernacular shows a similar extension of the old use of EIS expressing
destination" (Moulton, II:462).

        Another quote from Howard that is of interest is the following:
"Johannessohn (_Kasus und Pra:p._ 4) gives examples of this LXX rendering
of _Le_, and others where LXX thus renders Hebr. nominative" (Moulton,

Hope this helps,

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