Re: Rom. 6.19

From: Stephen C Carlson (
Date: Tue Apr 02 1996 - 11:21:06 EST

James H. Vellenga wrote:
>1) Are there other examples of the use of EIS that support either A) or
>C)? The instances of duplication to indicate "even more" that I'm aware
>of in the NT are not exactly parallel. John 1.16 ("graciousness upon
>graciousness") uses ANTI, while 2 Cor. 3.18 ("from glory to glory") uses
>APO ... EIS .... Neither of these cases uses the simple EIS.

I did a computer search for similar constructions. See 2Co2:16 (bis)
3:18 4:17 Rm1:17 6:19. There is also Lk10:7 and Mt23:34. All but
Rm6:19 (dative) and 2Co4:17 (KATA) employ an ablative preposition (EK -
4x; APO - 2x). Perhaps these examples could help. I'd look at 2Co4:17

Stephen Carlson

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