Re: Italics in a translation

From: David Moore (
Date: Tue Apr 02 1996 - 18:47:48 EST

On Tue, 2 Apr 1996, Edward Hobbs wrote:

> There is a simnple solution, which translators resist mightily.
> Insertions today are almost universally marked by square brackets. Why
> not use them? (Because people will know that they indicate an insertion,
> that's why!)
> Edward Hobbs
> (An old translator myself)

        Some people can be oblivious even of square brackets. Often, when
I discuss the Bible with people who belong to groups of an Arian
persuasion, I take them to the first chapter of Colossians where the _New
World Translation_ liberally inserts "other" in square brackets in the
passage having to do with Christ's role in all aspects of creation.
Seldom have I found one of them who can tell me why the square brackets
are there.


David L. Moore Southeastern Spanish District
Miami, Florida of the Assemblies of God Department of Education

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