Re: Un-garbled version of previous post -- KJV Italics

Date: Wed Apr 03 1996 - 17:26:24 EST

        Thanks! Actually, these were not typos. I foolishly decided to
write with the "EDT" Editor in Mail, which resulted in lots of noticed
[notices] of incoming mail, each of which clobbered something. I tried to
erase and edit, but what actually went out was garbled in almost every line.
The copy in my own file (not what went out) actually did not repeat the
HE/SHE error; but what came back to me was a mess. So I tried again,
sending my own file copy this time.
        But as you know, often one reads (I read, anyway) answers to posts
which I haven't seen; then the original post arrives hours later


A good Holy Wednesday to you.


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