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A friend of mine responded as follows

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Doug Jantz forwarded the question:
> I read somewhere that the 1611 King James had an error in it regarding
>Jesus' birthplace. My source stated that the KJV stated that Jesus was
>born in Jerusalem. Can anyone verify this error? (the source did not
>say where in the KJV this error occurred).

I dunno about that but in those early days there were many printing
errors that arose as a result of unfamiliarity with the new typesetting
technology. For example there was the "wicked Bible" which left "not"
out of Exod 20:14. Or there was the phenomenon of "he Bibles and she
Bibles," in which some KJVs had "he went into the city" in Ruth 3:15
while others had "she went into the city" in Ruth 3:15. The point is
that many of the errors adduced in early KJVs are to be attributed to
the typesetting process and not to the translation process.

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